First off- CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! You're getting MARRIED!!!!

I can feel the excitement through the screen!!! Or maybe... there's some nervousness in there too? Planning a wedding is no joke- been there, done that. SO let's tag team this and make it a bit easier on you!!

While yes, I am a wedding photographer, I also love being able to apply the experience that over 150 weddings has taught me to help you plan + execute the day of your dreams!! That is why I take what I call a "hands on" approach with all of my wedding couples. This allows me to get to know you on a personal level + then feeds my creativity to make every moment of the photo experience about YOU! We will create a timeline together and talk through all the love + logistics that a wedding day brings. The more I get to know you, the better I can tell your story- what photos are all about!!!!

The Experience

The experience I am here to offer to you is truly priceless. I want you to walk into this journey knowing that every single moment and detail you hold important- I hold important too. The moments of a wedding are rarely repeated- you'll never have the same set up, the same loved ones, and the same moments in the same room ever again. It's truly once in a lifetime- so it deserves to be documented, relived and passed down to future generations in deep, authentic + joy-filled images!

We might be a good fit if...

you are excited for the photo experience I have to offer and are ready to embrace creativity!! Nope- this doesn't mean you have to be fully confident in front of the camera (nerves are NORMAL!!!), but I thrive when you trust me in the creative process and show off your joy-filled love for one another!

Package + Pricing

This is what I have found to be the best of everything package:

+ 8 hours of coverage on Wedding Day
+ Minimum 600 edited images (average delivery is around 900)
+ Second photographer (8 hours)
+ Includes Travel up to 100 miles away
+ Timeline Consultation
+ Online Gallery for Download + Print Release
+ 45-60 min. engagement session (80 edited images minimum + delivery within 1.5 weeks))
+ 24-48 hour Sneak Peeks
+ Delivery of full gallery within 4 weeks


Details to note:

  • A non-refundable $800 deposit is due to secure your date! Payments are online and will be broken up into 3 payments- deposit, one 4-8 months later, and the final payment 30 days before your wedding!
  • A contract will be given to you via email!
  • No hidden fees. It is the price listed, and the only things that would be added on would be travel fees or extra hours if you add them.
  • Engagement shoots that are complementary cannot be substituted for more time on the wedding day, as a swap out for a travel fee, etc.
  • Additional hours past 8 are $300 per hour.

The Pequinots

The Henrys

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FAQ's + good-to-know info!

What is your personality like?

Weird, right? It's an odd question, but pretty important! I am driven, empathetic, organized, a leader, and creative. I will communicate to anyone I'm photographing what I'm doing next, who I need, how to pose, etc. One of the most common complements I get is after family photos and the parents of the couple saying how they liked how organized and quick I was. Because, lets be honest, family photos aren't usually everyone's favorite moment, but I promise it doesn't have to be painful! I like to be efficient, without brushing over important moments as well. I'll be able to handle your rowdy wedding party, your family members that wander, and anything in between. I know everyone just wants to have fun! And I'll help strike the balance of fun and functionable- moving forward, while being able to soak it all in!

Where are you from and do you travel?

I'm based in Fort Wayne, IN, and regularly travel to IL, OH, and MI. These are my most common 4 states! I don't mind driving longer distances as well. I am also willing to travel other places by flying, but there would be additional costs for flights/hotels/etc.

I'm nervous you'll be distracting during the ceremony!

They call me Bond... James Bond. Not really, BUT one of my focuses during the ceremony and even parts of the reception (first dances, speeches, etc), is to not disrupt the view of the people present. There is always a way to get the shot without being smack dab in front of everyone for 1/2 the ceremony. I hope that people walk away from your ceremony having not been distracted by me at all.

How do I know you'll capture everything I want?

I know that it can seem like there are photos "missing" based on instagram feeds and what images get displayed on my website, but I can promise you I will capture everything that would be needed for you to relive the day. From the details, to the laughs, the first bite, it will all be there. :)

Can you handle family photos well?

2. “I love family photos!” ( one) Except after I'm through :) Okay, maybe not LOVE, but I've lost count the amount of times I've had family members tell me "wow! That was so easy and quick!" after doing family photos on a wedding day. This part should not be stressful or a horrible, lengthy, experience. I promise it's possible!

Will you edit out something specific if i ask?

Didn't quite know how to word this question, BUT here is my philosophy on editing- while of COURSE there are ways to edit people to look a different way, that is simply not my approach. I go by the distraction method- is it distracting? If it is, I'll edit it out. This goes for acne, blemishes, utility poles, weird marks in the ground, etc. What you'll never see from me- altering someones appearance. I wont make you or anyone look thinner, have a bigger butt, or longer hair. I want you to look back and remember this day as accurately as possible!!!!

I have a large wedding party + family... can you handle them?

I can be direct and lead a crew without being rude or obnoxious. While this might not sound important, it is really crucial to have this balance in order to have a pleasant experience of the day all around! This is the key to having a smooth day with minimal stress and being on time to everything.

What happens if it rains?

Adaptability and flexibility. All of the sudden it rains? No problem. Officiant goes 30 minutes over? We've got this. I create timelines for a reason- you NEED one for the day to go smoothly. However, it doesn't always go as planned, and that's okay! I'll be ready to adapt and help you get everything you still want while getting you where you need to be.

What effects the delivered edited photo range?

It's very hard to say EXACTLY how many photos I will deliver after each wedding, however, what I can promise you is that you will get one of every moment at least. I never skip a moment in editing! The range is effected by several things: timing allowed for photos, how many people are in your wedding party, number of people in the families, how many events happen at the reception, etc! That's why the range seems so vague :) The only photos you won't get back are the ones that are repeats, test shots, or blurry accidental shots!


What happens if you have a camera malfunction?

Obviously, I hope this NEVER happens, BUT if it does, I carry two camera bodies on me at all times during a wedding. Both are the exact same (Nikon Z9), I also have 3 lenses with me at all times, so even if one of those were to die on me I'd have other options! Both cameras have duel card slots, so each time I take a photo there is a copy going on two separate cards in the off-chance that one malfunctions. I also carry several XQD cards on me!


Do you do printing services?

I do not! Just one area I haven't gotten into yet, and probably won't. A few apps I love for printing that are creative are Parabo Press, Social Print Studio and Miller's Lab.