Hi, I'm Ana!

While I love photography and everything about my job, I also love:

  • my husband!!! (baby newlyweds as of sept.2022!!)
  • my bulldog Dwight- yes, named after The Office
  • farmers markets!!!!!!
  • Matcha lattes- iced in summer, and hot chai in winter
  • Good fashion- for better or for worse lol, but I'm a firm believer in fun, personal style!!
  • plants + gardening...do I have a garden, no. But I want one!! I do have over 30 plants though 😅
  • game nights!!!! we have game nights frequently with my parents and Langston's family over holidays. The BEST.
  • fast friends. I love people who aren't afraid to get excited and chat it up together!!! death to fear of vulnerability!!
  • macaroons.... don't get me started.
  • thai food- I could live solely off of this.
  • a good playlist
  • eclectic art and decor
  • community- in all forms. deep support, unconditional love. I find this at my church!!

Started as a Christmas gift when I was 5 and now we're here!!!!!!

Such a crazy, funny way of life going full circle. I have always had a deep sense of creativity and a different way of viewing people and the world we live in. Photography has been one of my favorite outlets to capture this!!!

Weddings in particular have been my heartbeat. Weddings are truly an iceberg!!! What is seen on the wedding day itself is only a glimpse of the story, the love, tears, laughs and memories that have built it over weeks, months, and years.

It's cliche- I know!!! But being a visual storyteller is such an honor. This is why I also love being fast friends with my clients!! And by fast friends I mean shared, excited energy for the love story unfolding. I know I won't know you as well as your maid of honor and best man, but I sure hope you know that I am just as thrilled to back you up and support you on this journey!!!!!